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I Am Passionate About Inspiring Others

I would like to inspire other people who have a dream, idea to create something. It can happen if you step out and go after it.


For years I have been a graphic designer and created a lot of artwork for clients. I had a great business named AAA Enterprises I started in 2004. I have learned to create logos and artwork for many clients over the years. But now I have a new passion in life to build a business from a new idea. I've always have been intrigued on how things are made or work or how can I make it work, so that's how I decided to go after this new idea  for the making of the Slingshot Hitch .  I have looked at other designs that are similar and came up with our own, higher quality and stronger I would love to encourage others to go after your dreams in life.

Thank you so much for your interest and or purchase of the Slingshot Hitch.

 Happy Trails To You

Art :-)