"The hitch and wiring for our ‘19 SLR arrived timely and in good condition.

I was impressed by the quality of the hitch, both the material and machining / welding were outstanding.  During the hitch installation, I was pleasantly surprised at how tight the tolerances were.  The hitch installation took about 30 minutes and it fit like a glove!

The trailer wiring harness and related sub harnesses took several hours to install because of the need to remove body panels.  However, all parts fit perfectly and when completed, my SS and trailer lights worked!

Thanks for the great product and even greater customer service!!! "

Joe & Laura from NC


"Everything is up and working, it was exactly what I have been looking for for a long time now.

Thanks once again for great service.  

If any of the members in my group need a hitch I will happily send your info to them."

Phillip C. from Mansfield, Ohio Have a blessed day

"Here is my review on your hitch, it is so well made and easy to install, this is a great product. The

wiring harness was great too, your shipping was super fast. I can't say enough for you as you are

great and answered all of my questions too."

Harry G. from Chipley, FL


I have not purchased a hitch from Art, but I have talked with him extensively about his hitch.

Art has my full confidence in his product. He took the time to explain and answer questions about the hitch that I’m sure other owners of a company would not have spent the time. This is not a product that was just “thrown” onto the market. A lot of time in design, manufacturing, and testing went into it. I personally believe you will not find a better hitch at such a fantastic price, that a “backyard mechanic” can install in little time.

Thanks Art for your time and answering each one of my questions.

P.S Art has also improved on the hitch, by now offering his Phase ll model that are powder coated in various colors by request.

Dave P. from Pennsylvania  on 1-19-2020

"The slingshot hitch is a lifesaver. Easy to install and a great quality product. You can't beat this awesome made in the USA fabrication!" 

Jeremy B. 

"The workmanship behind the slingshot hitch is one-of-a-kind. I am super impressed with the service I received. Art is amazing!"

Steve W.

Greetings  Art!

"My hitch is installed and my Slingshot is pulling a trailer thanks to you. I unconditionally recommend Slingshot Hitch to anyone considering a hitch for their Slingshot. Great quality, service, delivery, and followup.

Merle "Ric" L.

Cedaredge, CO

Hello Art,

I got the mini mate camper and got it is all set up.

I got a great deal on it so I bought it a few months earlier than I was going to.

I hooked it up onto your hitch and went for a short drive and wow it all went well and, I didn’t even feel it behind me just as the mini mate factory says, you won’t know it’s there. Your hitch does a great job and this helps me out big time.

The camper weighs in at 260 to 265 pounds empty so it’s very light in weight. It will weigh in at 330 to 350 pounds when I get all in it for camping so it’s still under your recommended  max weight you say for the slingshot, it also has a full size bed in it and is a true pop up camper and takes 2 to 3 minutes to set up or take down so a great unit, Oh! before I forget to tell you here is a bit of info on your hitch.

When I was putting the bolts onto the hitch and slingshot your hitch has some close tolerances and I had to be right on the money on getting the bolts screwed up to the slingshot so it’s a very well made hitch and super strong.  It will never ever bend or break so you have a great product, so again thank you so much for a great American made product. I hope the very best for you and if I know anyone who needs a hitch I will send them to you. Stay safe my friend.  Harry G. from Chipley, FL


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